Donna’s Place Placerville Specials

Don’t forget we have free coffee all of the time at Donna’s Place.  Here is a look at the grocery isle with a large assortment of what we offer.


Winters coming so stock up on your “Antifreeze”..



Our milk pricing is on sale as long as we canWe have kept this price all the way from May till October and still the same price.. We’re working on helping our friends in Placerville and the area. Come get it while you can at this low price. We’re doing our best to bring products to the Placerville area at the best price we can. Some prices are a little higher than the valley and this is because we have zero delivery service except our trusty old White Suburban. We are giving zero deals or special pricing due that we are too small for instance cigarettes.  We buy from a DISTRIBUTOR  and we just don’t buy enough to make deals from RJ Reynolds for an example.  United GROCERS has a $5,500.00 a week MINIMUM and we sure cannot  make that figure so we buy in Boise deals and shop a lot. Swire Coke for instance charges us wholesale 2 ltr Coke for over $15.00 a case and that is almost $2.00 each cost and I still have to pick it up and deliver it, so we buy at Win Co, Fred Meyer, etc.  So we really thank you for your support and understanding what it takes to have a small store in the mountains.



So we have more than groceries, check out the automotive section with chain saw oil, transmission and much more. 

Snacks, we have a large selection of Frito Lay products. We always have great snacks when your just a tad bit hungry and driving through. Cold Drinks and the best prices in town.